The Annual Sun Planner

Good Day Sunshine is a perpetual calendar and provides a quick overview of the annual sunshine. 366 Golden Suns show the daily dose of sunshine in the northern hemisphere and help to plan activities through the year. Each sun represents one day of a year. Months are marked with a ring, a leap day is marked with a cross and can optionally be deleted. The calendar is both a design object as well as year planner. The screen-printed poster is printed with a noble golden hue on a pleasant touching Römerturm paper in strong 150g / m². The calendar can be individually labeled and processed and offers plenty of room for capturing notes and appointments. In a picture frame the calendar can be flexibly labeled and corrected with a board marker according to personal needs.

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The highly pigmented screen ink reflects the incident light.


The heavy Römerturm paper can be labeled perfectly with common pencils.


The framed posters can be flexibly used with a board marker as a year planner.